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Specialist for Agile Leadership


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The agile mindset – your view of things – forms the basis for agile leadership. That’s why we start by working on the fundamentals.

Not all managers are the same. Learn the differences between the two roles of manager and leader and discover the advantages to clearly separating these two roles and utilising them systematically.

Using practical and concrete guidelines, we will show you how you can develop your employees in their strategy discussions in the future. Together we will work out why this is worthwhile for you and your company. With the well-known OKR method, we will introduce a way for you to link your employees’ personal goals with your corporate goals.

Even the most agile manager needs employees who share this mindset. Because agile means, above all, being independent and organised. We will go through, step by step, how you can systematically find and train such employees, even in a competitive market. This alone will put you way ahead of most small and medium-sized companies!

You will learn which aspects of your personality are required more today than they were a few years ago. We will work together to ensure that you develop a leadership personality with an agile attitude that employees want to follow of their own accord.

Today’s complex world makes it almost impossible to make all decisions on your own, especially ones that are informed and take all aspects into consideration. Practical exercises will show you how to involve your employees in this process, at the same time as gaining authority and respect.

Agile methods can help you to put your new skills into practice. In this interactive course, you will learn from innovation experts what is behind the methods and how the role of the manager has been fundamentally reinterpreted.

Even before the COVID pandemic digitalisationwas influencing the way organisations communicate internally. As the popularity of working from home has increased, so too has the challenge for managers in leading their now decentralised teams, as effectively as before, but without direct contact. After this interactive course, you will be able to manage your employees effectively and ensure results even in this new age.


This interactive course has one central goal: to expand your leadership skills and train you to become an agile leader that employees will follow of their own accord. We start with the basics: your agile mindset. We pave the way for transformation and help you reflect on your attitude. We then translate this mindset into practical measures that you can immediately start implementing using guidelines and templates. We also enable you to find an entire team that is on board with this new, mission-driven mindset. The only question remaining is how to lead this team properly.

Module overview

Introduction to agile leadership

This first module sets the course: You will get to know your experts, terms such as agile and leadership will be explained and you will learn an important principle of leadership.

Framework conditions for agile leadership

Get to know the 3 essential framework conditions that are needed for employees to develop the desire to work independently and with inspiration. We look at the goals of your employees, the mission of your organisation and your task as a leader to connect the two. This will give you the perfect foundation when you become a leader as an employee.

Practising agile leadership culture

Now that the framework is in place, it’s time to put it into practice. So how do you embed your vision, mission and values into your day-to-day work? The well-known OKR method helps us with this. We will begin by intergrating it into other management methods, before going step by step through the implementation process. You will also be given a number of guidelines to show you exactly how to systematically develop your employees according to the agile principle.

Employee recruitment, selection and onboarding

If you are like most small and medium-sized German companies, the shortage of skilled labour is one of the biggest challenges you face. In this module, you will learn how to translate your previously defined company goals into a market position to attract exactly the right people to your organisation. You will also learn which channels to use for recruitment, how to find the right candidates and how to train your new employees so that they quickly become part of your agile team.

Leadership personality

Here, learning is focused on you as a person. We will develop your knowledge of human nature, work on attitudes to mistakes, feedback and development. We will also work together to develop a way for you to be taken seriously as a manager before you have even been appointed.

Management techniques

This module focuses on your toolbox of methods. From structural basics such as 1:1 substitutions or buddy systems to giving meaning and feedback to the big, delicate topic of praise, this module provides you with tangible, small and large techniques to use in your role as a manager.

Agile project management and self-organised teams

To top it all off, you will familiarise yourself with well-known agile methods. In addition to Design Thinking, Scrum and Kanban, you will also learn small agile techniques that can be used tomorrow to make your day-to-day management more efficient.

Leading virtual teams

The desire to work from home has increased in many industries, and not just since the coronavirus pandemic. This is an additional challenge for managers. This final module will enable you to lead even globally dispersed teams in an agile manner and position yourself confidently as a manager.

Your IHK review

You have to earn your IHK certificate. We will prepare you for your final performance review before you take the online test.



Philipp Scholze
Founder & Managing Director of thekey. Unternehmensgruppe GmbH

Philipp founded his first company on the day of his 18th birthday. Others started asking for his recipe for success shortly afterwards, and he has been teaching entrepreneurs and managers how to build and sustain an agile corporate and leadership culture ever since. He runs all his companies according to the principles he teaches you in this interactive course.

Tom Hillebrand
Management Consultant

Tom has led numerous companies to success, not least his own, which he then sold at a profit in order to devote himself fully to the further development of managers and corporate structures. He now brings his accumulated knowledge to small and medium-sized companies to equip them for the challenges of today.

Elizaveta Petcheniouk
Expert in Innovation and Agile Coach

Eliza is an innovation consultant and agile coach. Using the same techniques that she will pass on to you in the interactive courses, she supports project management in start-ups, NGOs and DAX companies. Her agile transformation projects not only take her all over Germany, but also to places such as India and Tunisia. She is your expert for design thinking and all other agile methods. She is also an expert in agile corporate structures and, thanks to her experience, she knows the challenges of switching to agile working.

Jennifer Pauli
Expert in Innovation and Agile Coach

Jennifer found her way into the agile world at the top international address for agility and design thinking. Like Elizaveta, she studied Design Thinking at the HPI in Potsdam and then managed international agile projects for SAP, Bosch and Telekom. As a design thinking coach, she now helps both large corporations and small companies to become more innovative and adaptable. She is also a certified Scrum Master, Lego Serious Play Facilitator and Product Owner.


Career opportunities

With this interactive course, you will acquire the skillset you need to work convincingly as a

  • Manager
  • Teamlead or
  • management

What to expect

New tasks

In the future, your everyday life will consist of much more than just managing personnel data! You will support the recruitment process, accompany people on their journey through the company and actively bring about change.

More responsibility

Your work will ensure that all employees feel comfortable – and are therefore happy and productive! You will have a direct influence on how well the company is doing and can play an active role in shaping it.

More salary

Your extensive new tasks and the responsibility you take on after your training are reflected in the higher salary you can demand.

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Specialist for Agile Leadership

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