We create successful constellations

By helping people and companies at every stage of their lives to recognise their own and shared potential, to develop and to achieve their goals in order to collaborate on creating something new.

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We do not simply provide further training, a job or a skilled worker.

We support you in recognising your potential and actively shaping your future. That’s why we not only ask you about your skills and experience, but also about your needs. So that we can help you in a holistic way.

Reach your full potential!

New Work

We support you in your independent developmental journey


People and their needs take centre stage.


What we do has an impact on our environment.

Your advantages

Discover your potential

Many people promise the job of your dreams, but only a few help you to find out how you can find meaning and fulfilment. With us, you start with a free potential analysis that shows you where your journey could take you and how you can get there.

Use time and money purposefully

What do you need for your further development in your current situation? With us, you can access tried and tested, top-rated measures depending on the situation, so you’ll always invest in exactly what you need right now.

Develop actively and flexibly

We are there for you at every stage of your life: for your personal and professional development and when you are preparing for new tasks in your company or looking for your dream job.

Shape your future in a healthy, motivated and competent way

Together we will create the conditions for you to shape your path sustainably. We will support you, but you’ll be the one doing it.


Find and shape your path

Discover your potential
Your first step: find out your potential.
Take the next step
Develop yourself continuously – in flexible modules
Find your dream job
Utilise your potential in the right job thanks to talent-job matching.
To the potential analysis

We want to shape the future of people and companies together.

Together we are creating a platform for all phases of life.

We want to give you guidance with scientifically based analyses, offer you development programmes that are flexibly tailored to your needs and bring specialists together with suitable positions – no matter what phase of life you are in and no matter what stage of transformation your company is currently at.

What drives us is a sense of purpose.

As an individual, you are happy to contribute your skills to a company if you are developing and creating something meaningful. Teams work well together when responsibilities are clear and every contribution creates added value.

Companies are successful when they prepare their employees and managers for the future.