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  • Orientation on trend topics and potentials
  • Further development of individuals, teams and companies
  • Placement of talents and desired jobs

With a customised journey.

Stay up to date on the most important future trends and find out which ones are relevant for you as an individual, your team or your company.
Further development
Continuously develop yourself or your team through appropriate counselling, coaching, further training and micro-learning.
Find suitable specialists or your dream job through our innovative recruiting process.
Recognise your potential or that of your team or company and design the right journey.
To the potential analysis

Be successful thanks to our focus on relevant trends.

Keep your finger on the pulse. We support you with potential analyses, consulting, coaching, further development and microlearning programmes.

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Added value. For employees and companies.

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For companies

We are the forward-looking, strategic HR partner for companies. Thanks to our holistic approach, companies have enough competent, motivated and healthy employees. Our strategic consulting, coaching, training and micro-learning programmes help individuals and teams to establish new forms of leadership and collaboration. From trend studies and needs analyses to further development programmes, everything is scientifically sound, modular and progress is measurable. With Talent Job Matching, we give companies access to new specialists.

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Super further development programmes! Learn whenever it suits you best, especially great for those with work and family commitments. For me, the unique selling point of this programme is that it’s tailored to fit within my schedule, with challenging and professionally prepared content. I fully recommend it!


I’m still in the middle of the course and I’m already looking forward to the next one! It’s so much fun and is totally engaging and effective at the same time. Thank you, I would recommend your courses 100%. I have rarely enjoyed learning this much.

Julia H.

Frequently asked questions

Whether you are an individual or a company: On the Constellation Academy platform, you will find everything you need to futureproof your skillset both personally and professionally. You can rely on the fact that all our programmes are modular, expertly crafted and practical. Register free of charge and choose from a wide range of programmes to help you achieve your goals or those of your company. After registering, you can purchase licences for the further development programmes that suit you. You will then have access to this content at any time.

If you want to start learning a new skill, it’s best to start with the free potential analysis. This will help you find out where you are and what you need to do to realise your full potential. If you want to grow your company, arrange a no-obligation consultation with our experts to discuss customised solutions for your individual challenges.

A potential analysis is an instrument for categorising the future viability of an individual, a team or a company in comparison to industry standards, also known as a benchmark. It provides valuable insights into where strengths and weaknesses lie and where targeted further development makes sense.

Trend topics are current and significant developments in various areas such as technology, business, society and culture.They reflect the current challenges and opportunities that characterise the world of work. By strategically focussing on trend topics such as innovation, sustainability and digital transformation, skilled workers and companies can increase their competitiveness and position themselves successfully.

Yes, you can register for free and try out many of our offers, for example our training courses, free of charge. Only when you have completed all the free content within a programme will you be invited to purchase the full version. Up to this point, you do not have to provide any payment information.

No, not all of our programmes are conducted exclusively online. We adapt our training programmes to your individual needs. Many of our courses, such as our interactive courses, are online. However, some of our workshops and training courses are also held on site to provide a personalised learning experience. We utilise the latest technology and training methods to ensure comprehensive and effective development. We want to help find the best learning environment for your specific situation.

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