Coaching: On Demand Solutions – for your upcoming German needs 

What you can expect

If you’re preparing for an important business event – a presentation, a negotiation, a sales pitch or a meeting – and you’re not sure whether your level of German is adequate, then our on-demand training is just what you need. You can book at short notice and schedule your training flexibly so that you can focus on your needs and work efficiently. Your trainer will help you adapt your language level and communication style to suit the occasion. We will practise with you until you feel perfectly prepared.


Trainers are selected according to your needs.



This coaching will help you if…

  • You can already communicate well in German
    but feel that you have a lot more to do
  • You can understand most of the conversation
    but there is a lot that you don’t understand or don’t fully understand
  • You have learnt the rules well
    but you are not sure if you always speak correctly.


  • Individual training content
  • Regular feedback & fine-tuning


4 x 45-minute individual appointments with flexible scheduling

Still unsure? Let us advise you.


Coaching: On Demand Solutions – for your upcoming German needs 

One-off payment 400 €

Frequently asked questions

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